Between Search and Effect

Invited exhibition, ´Mapping Social Architecture: Between Search and Effect, MAGAZIN – space for contemporary architecture, 2018

Within and through the format of the exhibition at MAGAZIN, architect Marlene Wagner explores spatial production in the form of intercultural and transdisciplinary practices. A circular pathway through the space focuses on the interdependencies of design, production and usage – which may be re-lived and tested by visitors.

The installation in MAGAZIN’s main space questions the perception and aesthetics of material and space: a grid maps the visitors’ movements and moments of friction within the space. Arranged in a circle, so-called ‘social furniture’ chairs furthermore define a fireplace for reflection and production of knowledge. These artifacts of spatial production evoke discussions on their life cycles, audio recordings tell about the perspectives of architects, organisations, maintenance staff and users. Finally, audiovisual projections trace different stages of Marlene Wagner’s own work within the field of ‘building collectively’ – to frame further questions on the issue.

A number of events form a vital part of the exhibition concept. Within the framework of the midissage, the MAGAZIN space transforms into an informal cinema, screening the award-winning documentary titled ‘The Shore Break’ and alluding to the notions of material, resources, global development and personal scope of influence and power. As a part of the ‘Vienna Art Week’, a public panel discussion confronts international positions from architecture, activism and politics, debating on the potentials and limitations of the social dimensions of design, architecture, planning – of collective search and effect.


photo: Richard Pobaschnig
animation: Cenk Güzelis


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