Formats of Learning and Tools of Engagement

Project Assistant, Teaching Urban Mobility Lab, Multidisciplinary Design & User Research, Faculty of Informatics, Vienna University of Technology

Arguing for the potential of architecture and design in the establishment of (urban) lab processes, as they are by nature mediating, negotiating and translating between vision and reality, theory and practice as well as constantly operating in diverse scales, media and complex multi-stakeholder environments.

Lab typologies from literature. Marlene Wagner
Lab typologies in literature illustrated by Marlene Wagner.

Reflecting and contextualising parameters, process and practices  to contribute knowledge on how the often diffuse concepts of living labs or real-world labs are actually being shaped and how space for transdisciplinary and transformative research is created.
The lab methodology as an infrastructure, a continuous prototype and real-time design, structured by interfacing formats of learning and tools of engagement within the relational duality of understanding and creating, strengthens a code of conduct for co-creation.

Research diary:

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