Mapping Social Architecture

PHD studies, Mapping Social Architecture – critical reflection and methodic experiment on cross-cultural and trans-disciplinary practice, Vienna University of Technology, ongoing

UE 786 600, Dr.-Studium der techn. Wissenschaften Architektur
Supervision: Ao.Univ.Prof. Dipl.-Ing. Dr.techn. Christian Kühn

The biographically led practice-research is situated in the context of ´Social Architecture´ as diverse settings of design-build or live-projects between actors in the Global South and North, beyond their pedagogical setting as a teaching method.
Built artefacts and their process allow further investigation of own and collective practices, joint attention and their affects and effects. Translating and sharing situational knowledge from multi-sited spatial production to supplement and speculate an accountable, traceable critical spatial practices.
Within the social turn in architecture, the doctoral-research aims at a decolonizing and emancipatory approach researching intersectional, social-spatial and geopolitical relations of trans-disciplinary and cross-cultural construction sites as a possible Social Architecture.


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