Parking Day Johannesburg

Initiation, curation, collaboration Park(ing)Day Johannesburg:
celebrating public space with Blanca Calvo, Io Makandal, Sumayya Vally, 2013, 2014

Johannesburg with its extraordinary history of rapid urbanization, regulation of space and separation of its inhabitants, is facing rapid regeneration.
In it’s times of transition the use and perception of the public realm changed dramatically. The opening of the urban space during democratization transformed the streets of Johannesburg into “no-go” areas, an unusable place of fear for the higher- and middle-income class. With the developments of the past years the urban becomes more accessible for all inhabitants – but also fosters the discussion on equality and the “right to the city”.

With our initiative Park(ing) Day – Johannesburg  we want to create a different perception of the public space – inclusive and interactive – by showing its possibility of positive, noncommercial activities and use.
Furthermore we want to enrich the debate on ecological and social sustainable aspects of the city from public transport and green space to informal economies and safety issues.


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