talks, lectures, workshops

2020 Invited participant, reader contribution, Mapping for Change, Cartographies of the Urban: Intersectionality and Climate Change Adaptation, Symposium K-lab, TU Berlin, GER,

2020 Invited workshop expert, Design Game, vivihouse, zunderzwo, Vienna AT

2019 Invited workshop expert, EPUM Multiplier Event, CARE International Urban Studies Conference, Skuor, TU Vienna, AT,

2019 Moderation Panel 100 minutes of designing feminist activism, Claiming Spaces International Conference, TU Vienna, AT,

2019 Mapping Social Architecture – Transformative practices of global spatial production or: How a pedestrian bridge solidarized me with anti mining activists, Quo Vadis Participation and Solidarity?, Vienna Chamber of Labor, Forba, SozNet, AT,

2019 Poster presentation, 3rd Symposium Doctoral Studies Architecture, Kunstuniversität Linz, AT

2019 Workshop lead, Design Game, aspern.mobil LAB, Civitas Forum Conference, Graz, AT

2019 Invited discussion Architecture Film Screening Critical Care: Ecology, movies in wonderland, AzW, Vienna AT,

2019 Invited workshop, 9th International Conference on C&T – Transforming Communities, Communities and Technologies, TU Vienna, AT

2019 Workshop lead Design Game, aspern.mobil LAB, Living Lab Days, European Network of Living Labs, Thessaloniki, GR

2019 Perspectives in practice, Department of African Studies, Vienna University, AT

2018 Invited participant, Workshop: Urban Ethnography Lab, Humboldt Universität Berlin, GER,

2018 Cross-cultural and trans-disciplinary practice, Center of Liberal Arts, Webster University, Vienna, AT

2018 Invited discussion, ÖGFA_Next Up salon #1 Design Build, Vienna, AT

2018 Workshop lead Design Game, aspern.mobil LAB, Living Lab Days, European Network of Living Labs, Geneve, CH

2018 Self-building in context South Africa, Green Skills Sustainability Symposium, AT

2018 build Collective!From mapping to making, afa [applied] Foreign Affairs, Vienna University of Applied Arts, AT

2017 Invited discussion Citizen Architect, Architecture Without Boarders Austria, Vienna, AT

2017 Paper presentation, Tell a story – Foot Bridge Conference, Chair of Conceptual and Structural Design, TU Berlin, GER

2017 Invited workshop expert, Architecture Without Boarders Austria, Vienna, AT

2016 Paper presentation, Sustainable Futures Conference, Jenga, UN-Habitat Nairobi, KEN

 Social Architecture, Form follows…, Future Architecture Platform, HDA Graz, AT

 Public Interest Design: collective action and social engagement in architectural education, Hands On – enhancing architectural education,, dBXchange, Vienna UT, AT,

2015 Impact Talk: Building Bridges literally, Impact HUB Vienna, AT

pre-construction / post-construction, Department of Design and Theory, Vienna UT, AT

2015 Prozesse in der Architekturausbildung, CUAS, AT

2015 Paper presentation, City Portraits: Johannesburg, International Conference, School of Doctorate Studies, IUAV University of Venice, IT,

2015 Process in Architectural Education, Faculty of Architecture, University of Ljubljana, SLO

2014 build Collective!, aus.büxen: future.lab, Vienna, AT

2014 Construction in Africa – Integrative process of architectural education, Initiative Architektur, Salzburg, AT

2014 Paper presentation, Architecture Otherwhere, 25th International Union of Architects World Congress, UIA, Durban, SA

Social Sustainable Architecture, AzW Vienna, AT,

 Paper presentation, Centre for Urbanism and Built Environment, Wits City Institute, UCT, ACC African Centre for Cities, Johannesburg, SA,

School Talk, University of the Witwatersrand, School of Architecture and Planning, SA

Design and construction in different (built)environment and cultural context , Structural Design and Timber Engineering, Vienna UT, AT

Social educational architecture, Cornell University, Ithaca, NY, USA


photo: Katja Martincic

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